Top 10 Countries That Could Survive Nuclear War, According To Scientists

Fears have been raised that the crisis in Ukraine might escalate into a nuclear war due to Moscow’s recent revival of Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats against the West. Sources claim that a key ally of the Russian president boasted that the West would not intervene even if Russia used a nuclear weapon in Ukraine, claiming that this is because political leaders on the other side of the ocean and in Europe are not going to perish in the event of a nuclear apocalypse. Let’s find out about the countries that survive nuclear war. Below is a list of countries experts claim would survive during any potential nuclear war:


Iceland is a North Atlantic island nation. It has approximately 300,000 inhabitants and 103,000 square kilometres. Due to its remoteness, lack of military, and geothermal energy, Iceland is one of the safest nuclear war zones. Nuclear missiles cannot reach Iceland without being noticed due to the North Atlantic Ocean’s isolation. Iceland’s limited population and size would also limit damage from a nuclear missile.


Canada is a top nuclear war survivor. NORAD is Canada’s primary military partnership with the US. They even organize military drills. If a nuclear bomb attacked one nation, the other would likely help. Canada has a big landmass and a dispersed population. This reduces the risk of a nuclear attack destroying the nation. In an assault, many sections of Canada are rural and sparsely inhabited, reducing deaths.


Australia is a leading nuclear war safety contender. Australia’s wide, barren continent with few large population centres explains why. A nuclear strike on Australia would be difficult, and the small population would limit losses. Australia’s military relationship with the US would safeguard it in a nuclear conflict. No one would invade Australia knowing that the U.S. possesses a huge nuclear arsenal.

New Zealand

New Zealand is frequently seen as a tranquil, lovely nation. Did you know that recent research ranks it among the top nations that can survive a nuclear war? The University of Southampton study, published in Nature Communications, examined which nations might survive a nuclear blast. Due to its tiny population, distance from nuclear targets, and lack of military infrastructure, New Zealand scored well.


Norway is one of Europe’s nuclear war-safe nations. The Global Peace Index rated Norway 14th most peaceful in 2021. Norway is secure from nuclear war for several reasons. First, Norway is underpopulated. A nuclear assault on Norwegian soil would damage fewer people. Second, Norway is rather isolated from other nations. Norway’s isolation reduces the likelihood of a regional confrontation that may escalate to nuclear war.


Sweden is considered tranquil. Its homicide rate is the third lowest worldwide. Sweden isn’t just safe—one of the safest nations on our list. Sweden’s neutrality and non-alignment imply it doesn’t take sides in international crises or join military alliances. This reduces Sweden’s nuclear war risk.


Greenland (Denmark)

Greenland is the biggest island between Canada and Iceland in the Arctic Ocean. Danish Greenland has 57,000 residents. Greenland’s Inuit language and culture are rich despite its limited population. Most nuclear missiles cannot reach Greenland. If another nation launched a missile at Greenland, the ice sheet would cover much of the island, limiting damage.


Many people consider Fiji to be Earth’s paradise. Fiji is a beautiful island paradise with sparkling blue oceans, untouched beaches, and verdant tropical woods. While this is true, many people overlook that Fiji is also one of the safest countries in the case of a nuclear war. In other words, it is completely cut off from the rest of the planet. Fiji island nation is isolated from other landmasses in the Pacific Ocean. Because of its remote location, a nuclear assault on this area is less probable.


Nepal is one of the safest Asian nations. Given its position between India and China, this is surprising. Like South Korea/North Korea, Nepal’s neighbours wouldn’t want to drop bombs on their doorstep. Nepal’s highest mountains provide natural radiation shielding. It’s landlocked yet secluded, like an island country.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, an Indian Ocean island republic, is southeast of India. The nation boasts a rich culture, unique environment, and 2,000-year history. Sri Lanka’s beaches, wildlife, and ruins draw tourists. Why is Sri Lanka safe? The island country is remote from nuclear targets. Sri Lanka has little over 20 million people and inadequate infrastructure, making it difficult for an attacker to wreak extensive harm.


There are other countries that could survive nuclear war other than the ones mentioned above, either because of their remoteness or because of their political stability and capacity to rebuild. Let us know in the comments if you can think of any.

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