Facts You Didn’t Know About the Universe

The universe is vast and seems to hold an infinite number of wonders. More discoveries will be made as technology advances, proving our current theories wrong. However, observations and research so far have shown us that there are many mysterious phenomena in the universe!

Galactic Year

It is a well-known fact that the Earth year is 365 days long, but there is also a galactic year. If our entire solar system were to orbit the Milky Way Galaxy, it would take 230 million years. In other words, we will never wholly circumnavigate the Milky Way Galaxy in our lifetime

The last time the solar system finished its rotation, humans barely existed. In fact, dinosaurs were still alive at that time. The next time our solar system is in the same orbital position now, humans will probably no longer exist. It is astonishing to think how giant our galaxy is. Compared to the entire universe, it is tiny. Now, if the universe is infinite and our galaxy is orbiting around, think of how many years it would take for the galaxy to complete an orbit.

Clouds of Alcohol

Those of us who like to drink imagine how wonderful the world would be with clouds of alcohol floating in the air. In fact, for some people, it may be the most fantastic fantasy of all.

There’s a cloud of ethyl alcohol in the constellation Aquila, but this is no ordinary cloud. This cloud is too big not only for the Earth, but for our solar system.

The diameter of this cloud is 1,000 times larger than the entire solar system. Unfortunately for those of us who would like to see and drink from this amazing phenomenon, this cloud is 10,000 light years away. Unless space travel becomes extreme, it is not feasible in our lifetime.


Nébuleuse D'Orion, Nébuleuse En Émission

The Smell of Universe

When we think of space, we imagine what we can see, what we can hear, and even what we can hear. However, most of us have probably never thought about what we would smell like in space. We cannot know exactly what space smells like because the astronauts there cannot take off their space suits to talk. However, we may be able to get some hints by smelling the astronauts’ equipment after a spacewalk.

Astronauts say that their space suit smelled like hot metal and seared steak. No one knows the real reason, but scientists think it may be a trace of the smell of a starry odour.

The Size of a Star

We all know that the sun is vast and is so vital to our world that we cannot live without it for long. However, when we think of the solar system, most of us probably think of a region much larger than the size of the sun.

However, this is a misconception. In fact, the sun contains more than 99% of the solar system’s mass. Even considering the gas giant’s size, the sun still covers most of the solar system. About one million Earths fit inside the sun.

This is impressive enough, but imagine the size of other stars. Compared to them, our sun is tiny. It makes you think about how big the stars are and how they swallow up the universe.

Étoiles, Ciel, Espace, L'Espace Fond D'Écran, Galaxie

Unseen Objects

We know that most of our universe cannot be seen by the human eye or man-made devices. Scientists are attempting to use many electromagnetic waves to see places in the universe that we will never reach in our lifetime. They have made many discoveries using radio waves, infrared rays, and X-rays. These wavelengths have also revealed some of the great mysteries of the universe.

Scientists have discovered that most of the universe cannot be seen in these wavelengths. This means that many different phenomena occur, but one theory is that dark matter exists.

Dark matter neither absorbs nor radiates light. However, while we cannot directly observe dark matter, many scientists believe strong evidence supports its existence.

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