Top 3 Things To Improve Customer Satisfaction In Your Pharmacy

The pharmacist’s job is not only about dispensing prescriptions or giving advice, about the legitimacy and trust of a patient base; it is also about taking into consideration a clientele whose reasons for visiting the pharmacy are motivated by problems related to well-being and beauty and concern self-service products. This is a world of heterogeneous requirements and needs, which is not always easy to satisfy, especially today; let’s face it, you have to be profitable!

Of course, it is important to bear in mind that if the experience at the point of sale does not live up to expectations, the customer will leave for the competition in record time, between resolving friction points, excellent advice, the attractiveness of the pharmacy, pricing policy, evolution towards phygital services, new services, and better management of your profit centre. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know to improve customer satisfaction.

1. Reduce the waiting time at the checkout


Buying a product from a self-service store, buying a drugstore item that requires advice, or filling a prescription… depending on the nature of the purchase, the average waiting time at the checkout is not the same. And because this difference is often not taken into account, it is one of the major irritants in the pharmacy shopping experience.

However, it is possible to overcome this problem by withdrawing from the cash flow reserved for prescription patients and customers with advice or self-service. The answer now lies in digitalization, combined with a reflection on a better layout within the pharmacy. In fact, like the sales staff in specialized distribution, it is quite possible to equip the shop assistants with mobile payment terminals, which can be used to pay those who wish to pay inside the queue.

Similarly, to improve the flow of goods and relieve the queue, an automatic payment point can be installed opposite the checkout line for self-service products. Each customer is directed according to his or her needs, accompanied, advised, and served if necessary, or in total autonomy until payment is made. If this action implies sacrificing shelf space and obviously depends on the size of your structure, it turns out that its implementation is still crucial.

Indeed, the reduction of the perception of waiting time constitutes one of the major criteria for the choice of your pharmacy and the axis allowing you to gain credibility, legitimacy, and loyalty. If you go too far, not only will productivity be affected, but also profitability because the customer will not come back.

2. Being competent through the quality of the advice given

Accessible and available, the ideal pharmacist embodies a health facilitator: guarantor of the drug distribution circuit, driving force in the continuity of the hospital/home link; he/she also acts as a relay for public health campaigns and new technologies while presenting the theoretical and operational skills expected of him/her. As clients and patients are constantly asking for information and reassurance, they and their teams must play a reassuring role.

It is, therefore, extremely complicated to build a relationship of trust with patients by positioning the right cursor on advice, confidentiality, and the time given to each person … because behind this, other customers are also waiting and building their perception of expectation. If we go too far, we simply lose these clients!

3. Develop the attractiveness of the point of sale and the shelves

The pharmacy represents “the irreplaceable health space”, but subject to competition, your pharmacy can be supplanted in the hearts of your customers. Today, in addition to your colleagues, you have to deal with major players, such as hypermarkets or specialist parapharmacy distributors, which offer a wide and competitive range of beauty and well-being products… and perhaps soon self-service essential medicines. It is, therefore, crucial to stay in tune with customers’ needs.

Customer satisfaction can also be improved in terms of the layout of the sales area: appropriate and regularly renewed POS advertising, effective shelf marking, clever merchandising, well-designed shop windows, or the creation of intimate areas all convey the good consideration given to customers and encourage a positive feeling.

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