The Science of Indoor Pollution

There are many people who love pets. Yet they still don’t understand what is the best way to remove pet odor. Pet owners can do anything for their pooches. From sharing food to sleeping in the same bed. They have done it all. However, little do they notice, doing this – they are also inviting unwanted infections to them. A house with pets actually is more polluted than the ones who don’t. Hence, it important to keep a check on the hygiene of your health and of the house. Don’t worry. Today’s blog talks about what is the best way to remove pet odor:
• Turn on an Air Purifier:
It is always best to use an air purifier for pets. Turn on the air purifier soon after you are done with the cleaning. An air purifier removes bad smell and pet dander from the room. You can also set the air purifier to work automatically. For a room that is specially meant for the pet, keeping an air purifier is always the best idea. Not only it wipes out the bacteria present in the air but it also takes out a bad smell. It also removes pet liquids, dander and removes small particles that are often left even after cleaning.
• Clean the pet area
One of the crucial things to keep in mind is to clean the area your pet is sitting. Use a chemical free pet detergent to wipe the place. A lot of such products are available online and in the market. These are pet-friendly. Do ask your pet doctor before using it though to see if it is okay to use. Since a lot of times pets lick the place and they may be allergic to some substance present in these products.
• Pet can cause allergies
Did you know many people are allergic to pets? Pets in the house may trigger allergies. Hence, it is important to understand all the points regarding the best way to remove pet odor. Pet owners are often exposed to the high concentration of bacteria produced by pet’s skin rashes, cold or shedding hair. If the owners don’t keep their homes clean, then it can impact their health. Small kids, elderly people, pregnant women – are most sensitive and prone to getting allergies. Clean your house regularly, use an air purifying system in every room and open windows so fresh air can circulate in the house.
• Encourage ventilation 
The first thing you need to do is open up the windows and doors and let some air in. It can be hard in cooler months to allow ventilation and still remain comfortable, which can lead to an accumulation of smells in the house. Whether it is hot or cold, let some air in and let some of those bad odors flow right out. This is only a starting point, but important nonetheless. Wash all fabrics It is sometimes surprising just how many places odors can accumulate. When you really want to clear out the smell it is worthwhile to wash everything that is washable. This means sheets, blankets, pet bedding, and even the draperies. If it is washable you might as well wash it. You will be surprised at just how much odor this can remove from your home. Of course, follow the fabric care directions on all your items. Some may need to be laundered or steam cleaned to avoid damaging the material.
• Scrub your floors 
Any surface that can be scrubbed should be. You don’t necessarily have to use a harsh abrasive, but you do want to use some sort of cleaner appropriate to the surface to remove all dirt and dander and possible odors. There are pet odor removers that you can purchase for certain materials. However, you can also just make up a light bleach solution – 1:9 or so – to clean off tougher surfaces like walls and concrete. Use your discretion, just make sure that you clean off all the surfaces in your home – including window sills, molding, floors and counters.
• Replace what cannot be cleaned 
Depending on your situation, you may have parts of your home that are simply not cleanable. Pet odors can be quite powerful and persistent and it may require replacement rather than cleaning to truly eliminate them. This is certainly true for carpeting and the pad that is underneath. The pad, more than the carpet, can soak up smells and never let them go. You will want to replace the carpet if this is the case. It is a small expense to make a lot more money on your home. There may also be other parts of the house, drywall and flooring that also need to be replaced. We hope you liked our blog and it helps you understand the best way to remove pet odors.

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