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Insects with Potential Medicinal Significance

Insects have been used in folk medicines for a long time in many tribes. Indigenous people believe that the earth provides us with everything that we need. Numerous pharmacists have proved that insects and natural herbs can be used as medicines. Right now, more than ever, people are more likely to use natural medicines rather than those produced by laboratories.

I know that it may sound disgusting when you think about eating insects, but I believe it is much more natural and sometimes ten times more effective. In this article, we will see insects that have been used to cure certain conditions, and I am sure you will be left mind-blown.


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Bee Venom Are Used In The Medical Field For Long.

Yes, bees, the producer of the delicious nectar called honey, can be used for medicinal purposes.
Honey, bee wax and even venom can be used to treat different conditions. This is called apitherapy, where bee products are used to treat or prevent diseases and pain.

You may find it weird that I am mentioning the use of bee-venom, but you should know that bee-venom has been used for thousands of years to treat various conditions. Bee venom is known for helping people with rheumatoid arthritis and people having nerve pain.

Even though there is limited research, bee-venom is known to help patients with neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

Nonetheless, a bee sting cannot be done at home, as many people can be allergic to the venom, and I should mention that bee venom has many side effects, and it can be painful if not well-used. So it is better if done by a professional.


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Medical Maggots Used To Clean Wounds.

Are you disgusted by the thoughts of maggots? Me too. But yet, did you knew there was a thing called ‘maggot therapy? Maggot therapy is used to treat and manage ulcers and non-healing wounds and post-surgical wounds too.

You can think that maggots will multiply infections, but maggots used for medical purposes are produced by a special unit in a sterilized place. If your doctor proposes you use maggots to clean your wounds, I suggest you accept, as the healing time will be a lot quicker.

There is a very little side-effect and no life-threatening effects related to the use of maggots. In 1995, there were very few doctors using maggot therapy. Today in the United States, any licenced physician can prescribe maggot therapy.

In 2004, the Food and Drug Administration allowed the production and retailing of maggots. It can be used for both human and veterinary use.


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There Are Studies To Confirm The Uses Of Ants.

Ants are widely used across China for food or even drinks related to health conditions. Some research claims that there are substances present in ants that have anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties.

In Morocco, back in the 19th century, they used ants to treat lethargy but did you know about ant eggs for the eyes? In some tribes, people are eating red ants as well as their eggs to enhances their eyesight. Ant venom has been the centre of various studies.

Studies about integrating insects in the medical sector are still ongoing, and it is likely to be so for a while to come. The biggest problem with insects as medicines is that they are small; thus, you will probably need massive quantities of them to make anything effective.

Various species have a lot of potentials that we may be missing. Let us know in the comments which one of these insects you were most surprised to learn had medicinal properties…

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